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Our signature Vidalia® onions are unfortunately limited to a certain growing region and season, so they are only available from late April through August each year. The good news, however, is that Peru offers a climate and sandy soils that are remarkably similar to the Vidalia growing region, allowing us to grow and ship a premium quality sweet onion nearly year-round. Peruvian sweet onions have the same look and flavor profile as our signature Vidalia onions and are typically available from September through March. 

Sweet onions taste great sliced or diced on a salad, grilled on a burger, added in chili and soups, caramelized atop bruschetta, and so much more. They're the perfect ingredient for all your favorite comfort foods and holiday dishes! 


*Onions will ship out weekly (on Monday or Tuesday) via UPS Ground. Orders must be placed by 11:59 pm on Sunday to go out the following Monday/Tuesday. 

*To ensure premium product quality upon delivery, we can only ship to the lower contiguous 48 United States.